Motivational Speaking

Since 2003, we have been conducting motivational talks both companies, exhibitions, educational institutions, clubs, among others. Through a multimedia presentation where the tools used by Carlos Coste and Challenge team in the Abyss for success are discussed. Cost has fought 9 world records, has achieved multiple Guinness World Records and has won a World Championship during his short career as a freediver. He proudly carried the flag of Venezuela to the depths of different seas, and putting our country in the lead sport diving or snorkelling.

In the talks Carlos Coste and / or Gaby Contreras, his manager, coordinator of the Abyss Challenge and Vice President of International Association for Development of Apnea, disclose what they have called the 5 keys to success, which is not rather than its methodology to meet goals, to face challenges and overcome obstacles through his experiences as an athlete and manager respectively. 

Depending on the time required can vary from 30 min. up to two hours, we adapt to your needs to expand a topic more than another always based on our experiences and working methods.


Workshops: Overcoming Challenges

Following the call of some institutions and companies, Carlos and Gaby experiential workshops have been prepared to complement the motivational lectures. Workshop which vary from half day to two days and can offer medio.Les from a respiratory clinic as a basic tool for improving the quality of life and concentration when facing challenges and overcoming stress situations. Until controlled risk challenging activities that are performed in the water, which helps them explore their capabilities and limitations, assume roles, decision-making to solve problems and achieve goals.

In the dynamics of working activities everything learned in the motivational talk and clinical breathing, visualization, planning, leadership, integration, teamwork applies, face your fears and finally overcoming retos.Se can design programs for different groups:

  • High Performance Managers
  • Sales groups
  • Supervisors
  • Staff

These life experiences in a simple way, in a short space of time, produce a transformative impact of these talented individuals to groups of more efficient work, with lasting results, playing the entire organization transcending the personal and social level.